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Joel and Shaylynn

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International Workers
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Current Priorities

Our current priority is inviting people to partner with us in this ministry by supporting us through prayer and finances. Once in Mexico City we will work on getting acclimated (finding a school for kids, language study, finding housing…etc.). We are excited to get to know the Mexico Team and work alongside them as apprentices.

Least-Reached People Group

We work with a unique group of LRPG’s called the International Community in Mexico City


“In Christ we are being transformed and exist to love God, our Neighbours, and the Nations; taking the life changing love of Christ with us everywhere.”


Joel grew up in Mexico where his parents were international workers. He received Jesus into his life at a young age. At the age of 22 he got baptized, but only in 2019 did he surrender to what God wanted him to do; to multiply disciples being empowered by the Holy Spirit. Through this process of surrender God gave Joel a desire to reach the nations and serve internationally.

Shaylynn grew up in a pastor’s family and received Christ at a young age. She felt drawn to international ministry as a child and this was later re-affirmed as an adult while participating in short term missions trips.

Joel and Shaylynn felt God tell them to “go” out into the world. When they were presented with the opportunity to join the Mexico City Team as apprentices in ministering in an International church, they have felt affirmed in the Lord’s call to this specific location. Latin America has a unique place in both their hearts and they are excited to see what God has for them in this busy city.


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Prayer Requests

Pray that we would be Jesus in our neighborhoods and communities.

Pray that English-speaking international communities would come to know Christ and in turn share the Good News wherever they go.