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Project Description

The “Empowering Hope: Phnom Penh Vietnamese Ministry” project aims to see the Vietnamese diaspora living in Cambodia impacted through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Vietnamese Alliance Churches in Phnom Penh refer to themselves as the Hope Vietnamese Alliance Church. Our project aims to give “hope” to the Vietnamese diaspora but also empower the “Hope Churches” in their leadership to make Jesus Christ known among this least reached people group. We believe the hope for reaching the Vietnamese in Cambodia is through the empowerment of the local indigenous believers.  Therefore, we commit to work alongside the local pastors and leaders who lead the various churches and ministries. Join us in this endeavour as we work together to bring about the Great Commission of Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20, to bring an ever-increasing number of Vietnamese in Cambodia into Christ’s Kingdom and see the Hope Churches come to full maturity.

As we walk alongside these leaders, we provide training, mentorship and discipleship opportunities to men, women, youth and children. While our project prioritizes leadership development and discipleship, we also holistically respond to the needs of this marginalized group. The Vietnamese in Cambodia are referred to as a “stateless” people, and because of this status, they often lack access to medical treatment and/or education for their children. Your support also helps us to partner with the local churches to help in these needs.