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Spice Region

Current Priorities

“My current priorities are preaching about Thailand within our Alliance churches, language study, and preparing for departure in August 2019.”

Least-Reached People Group

I work with the Thai.


Ministry assignment to be determined after initial 2 years of language study.



I was born in Toronto to a non-Christian family from Hong Kong. I asked Jesus into my life at 13 when I received a gospel tract at a local outreach event. I graduated university with a bachelor’s in computer science and rose quickly in the business world, but I slowly grew discontented within. The Holy Spirit awakened a desire in me to serve His church and be a witness for Christ. I attended Tyndale University and College and graduated with a Master of Divinity. I began ministry as a tent-making pastor and proceeded to be a pastoral intern downtown focusing on homeless ministry as well as Tibetan children in Parkdale. After 5 years as a pastor, I realized the Lord had been preparing me for the mission field. After a long discernment process, the Lord opened a position on the Thailand team. I am eager to depart for Thailand in August 2019, with my focus being on church planting in Thailand.


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Prayer Requests

Pray for team leadership to discern upcoming opportunities to serve the Thai people

Pray for my language studies and adjustment to the Thai culture