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International Workers
Silk Region

Current Priorities

I will be spending the first two years in Language and Culture. After this, I will be working on starting men’s programs to help the men feel our Lord’s love pass through them into their families and community.

Least-Reached People Group

The Y People


To serve this Community, my desire is to first serve as Christ did; by this, the Holy Spirit will lead my steps. As in Acts, “the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved,” and real healing will be found after this.


I accepted Christ very young and was raised in a Church Serving Christian Home. I am Metis and as such, serving the community is in my Nature, so adding serving God was a tiny step. As for me serving God and Community are the same thing. When God called me to serve another community in the world, I just went. Many short-term missions trips and steps later, I found the same community that God called me to serve, the Y people! I found a community much like my own strong, wise, honourable, traditional, yet in need of God’s healing and love. My whole life and experiences came together to serve this community God called me. So, I pray to God that I serve them with the same strength, wisdom, and honour they show every day.


To connect with me, please email [email protected]

Prayer Requests

Pray for the team that I am joining, that the Lord keeps them deep within his love. Pray for the Y people that God will open their hearts to him and that they will feel God’s love for them