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Dan and Jenica Van Essen

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Sun Region

Current Priorities

We live and serve in Del Valle, a desirable neighbourhood for urban professionals due to its centrality within the city. We engage in our boys’ school, which aims to provide quality education while shining light into the lives of students and their families.

Least-Reached People Group

We work with a unique group of LRPG’s called the Urban Professionals in Mexico City.  You can learn more about the Urban Professionals of Mexico city by visiting our LRPG page.


We embrace our Mexico City Team mission and vision: Abiding in Christ we are: Consumed by the Great Commandment, Compelled by the Great Commission, Completing our Kingdom Calling. In every effort, discipling people to be a transforming presence among the least-reached.


We were born into Christian families who were highly involved in the life of their churches. We each accepted Christ and felt a call to ministry at a young age. Attending C&MA churches throughout high school gave us both many opportunities to grow into God’s calling. During high school and university we each had multiple opportunities to be involved in short-term missions trips, which God used to stir a desire for international ministry. During our first years of marriage we lived & served in a missional community/house church context in both Calgary & Halifax. We continue to have a passion for simple & reproducible movements that empower every follower of Jesus for the upward, inward and outward works of ministry. We long to see everyone learn to listen to God and, in His power, respond in faithful & courageous obedience, live in Kingdom-focused community and embrace their missionary calling.


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Prayer Requests

As we conclude the last year of our first term, we appreciate prayer in the following areas: Continued language and cultural proficiency. Transition: equiping and empowering others to move into the roles we currently fill, especially with the worship ministry and youth group at C3 Alliance Church For trust and release as we begin to prepare for home assignment – specifically leaning into truth that is God who will guard and grow the seeds and dreams that have been planted.