Brave Heart Ministry - Huichol

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Project Description

The Brave Heart project is a church planting movement with unique Kingdom expressions, all of which come from and go to the local church in Mexico. The team desires to see the local Mexican leadership rooted and established in God’s Word and boldly leading indigenous families in knowing Jesus Christ intimately. Their goal is to see a vibrant church where reconciliation to God and one another is the basis for a healthy life, where the message of the cross is preached clearly and there is transparency in discipleship.

There is a need to invest in education as a long-term solution to a deeply rooted problem of poverty and addiction. Through incarnational friendships, the team offers Bible studies and events where they share the Gospel through stories, educational help, healthy cooking classes, an adolescent group, helping micro-businesses, and community projects.

Join them in their mission to give love to all people, dignity to every family, and hope to every individual through education and opportunities to grow spiritually, nutritionally, economically, and emotionally.