Bilingual Missional Communities

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Bilingual Missional Communities is a new church plant project for Mexico City with a desire to plant reproducing churches through discipleship among the Urban Professionals. The team feels that God has called them to plant church-planting churches and to make disciple-making disciples that saturate the city and the world with the presence of God through the Gospel.

Mexico City is made up of around 22 million people and it is estimated that only 1.2% of the 7 million professional class are evangelical Christian. Even less belong to healthy communities of faith. Mexico City also has a very high immigration population with over 1 million registered foreign-born residents, adding to the multicultural and multilingual dynamic of Mexico City. Some of these foreign-born residents are from least-reached people groups in Asia and the Middle East.

Will you join them in building up disciple-making disciples, leaders that generate leaders, missional communities that multiply into a movement of missional communities, and churches that multiply into a network of church-planting churches?