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International Workers

Current Priorities

With plans to leave Canada in early 2021 our priorities are focused around; deep and meaningful connections with our churches, leaving well, and building a framework for language and cultural literacy for our family.


Least-Reached People Group


We long to see God’s love for His people become tangible in the healing and restoration of those suffering. Our hope is to share His relentless love with those who have not experienced it. We long to see the Kingdom shine bright in the darkest places so all may come to know Him more fully.


R grew up in a Christian home and accepted Christ at Awana’s at the age of 8. It was in her late teens and young adult years that she truly committed her life to Christ and sought to follow His leading. Through several short-term trips, R’s heart broke for those in situations outside of their control and she began to grow a heart for social justice.

It was a powerful missional sermon that caught B’s attention and caused him to start pursuing after Christ. The call on B’s life to global missions was only amplified through various intentional short-term missions’ trips and a profound breaking of his heart for the lost and poor.


Prayer Requests

Pray that there would be healing and restoration in the lives of the people group we are working with and building relationships with.

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