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Latin America

Current Priorities

I am partnering with Corazón Valiente to develop solid intercultural service opportunities through their work with different ethnic groups. We hope to facilitate rich experiences, particularly for those in the mobilization process.

I will also be exploring opportunities for community development with an Otomí community.

Least-Reached People Group

We work with a unique group of LRPG’s called the Otomí and Wixarika (Huichol). You can learn more about them by visiting our LRPG page.


Resilient communities living from a position of abundance (John 10:10)—the whole gospel for the whole community.  



My family moved a lot while I was younger, but Calgary, Alberta, has become my home. As a young girl, I remember learning about Jesus in Sunday school and inviting Him into my heart at a young age. My faith grew when I was plugged in with a youth group in high school. I was given the opportunity to join a short-term missions team, and that was the beginning of God calling me to full-time ministry.

Through various overseas experiences, education at Ambrose University, and ministry in Calgary, I feel confident in being called to serve in Mexico City. God has softened my heart to care deeply for social justice and the strengthening of communities. I am thrilled to continue working with the Mexico City team and partner with Corazón Valiente (Brave Heart). Alongside national partners, I will be exploring opportunities for community development to strengthen the communities we walk with and see the fullness of the gospel in the lives of those who are coming to know Jesus.


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Prayer Requests

Pray for unity on the Corazón Valiente team. May we lean into the One who sustains our ministry and allow God to lead us together.

Pray that the original people groups of Mexico would see their culture as a gift and something to celebrate. May they have eyes to see the unique ways God has revealed himself through their specific language and culture.

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